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Lenovo SmarterEd

Motion graphics is animation, but with text as a major component along with moving visuals. This is a motion graphic video is a collaboration between The Quint and Lenovo SmarterEd. This video is about how India faces a shortage of as many as 1 million teachers and has a decreasing student-teacher ratio. I used adobe illustrator for making all the illustrations and finally animated them in after effects.

How to tackle the lockdown

This video is about enhancing your skill sets to getting fitter, there are several ways you can beat the lockdown blues. This project includes various steps of production where I did the the pre-production work like doing the character design making layouts. And finally animating the illustrations. 

Azadi | Sand Animation  

This is a sand animation music video done while I was in college. I was a group project where my role was to lead conceptualization and supervise pre production. I was also part of the animation team where we drew each frame of this music video using sand.

Kaun Azad hua?

In this video I have tried to demonstrate today's political and social situation. The poem is written by Ali Sardar Jafri which is still very relevant in current times. The poem is recited by Wamiq Saifi and I have I have illustrated the visual and animated them.

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